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Growing Food Matters

Farming 4 Hunger (F4H) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2012 to serve those in need of fresh food in Southern Maryland. The organization grows and distributes over a million pounds of locally grown, fresh food each year. Bernie Fowler Jr., the founder, had a vision through his own personal struggles to help people in his hometown gain better access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Bernie was tired of only seeing nutrient-poor foods (canned and boxed goods) going to food banks, aiding in America’s ongoing struggle with childhood obesity and diabetes. He also realized local farmers were struggling to make ends meet. People were being fed, yes, but he realized that we as a community must do better. F4H accomplishes its mission through unique partnerships with local farms, churches, local businesses and schools, the Maryland Food Bank, the Department of Corrections, and a great network of community volunteers.

Meet the F4H Team

Border of Directors

Bernie Fowler Jr.Executive Director, President
Bernie is the current President of the Board as well as the Founder of Farming 4 Hunger. He is heavily involved in the direction of F4H programs and his passion for our mission is unrivaled. Through his unwavering dedication and vision, F4H continues to provide hope, unity, healing, faith, and love to our community and their loved ones.

“I have watched many friends and colleagues suffer from this downturn in the economy. Our business suffered greatly. One day while visiting a Maryland Food Drop, I recognized familiar individuals with their families getting food. Several individuals that did contract work on houses my company built. Many of them told me the food helped keep the lights on and the mortgage paid, even if for only a couple months. Only when unity is in CommUnity can we truly help those who have felt forgotten.”

Mark Frisco
Mark is a born and raised Southern Maryland resident who strives to not just live in his community, but to actively make a difference. His passions lie with his family, his church, and his real estate business. A graduate of Patuxent High School, Mark went on to study Business and Marketing at Towson University all while working and building upon his strong work ethic and desire for success. Fortunately, his uncle and successful leader of his own real estate team, Rick McNabb, recognized Mark’s drive, initiative and commitment to success, and took him under his Real Estate wing and, as they say, the rest is history. Mark has been a licensed realtor since 2009 and has successfully closed more than 1000 real estate transactions. He has built an award-winning real estate team consisting of full-time administrative staff, specialized Buyer’s Agents, Marketing, Transaction and Listing Coordinators, and Showing Assistants that have the education, experience and can-do attitude it takes to consistently provide a wonderful and satisfactory real estate experience that results in life-long relationships, both personal and professional. Mark has received recognition for his prowess as a top-notch Real Estate agent, including earning the prestigious Grand Centurion Award in 2020 and 2021. The Grand Centurion Team award is presented to sales teams of Century 21 in the top 1% who have earned $1.218 Million in gross commission or 294 closed transaction sides within a calendar year. Married to Lindsay Ann in 2015, his family has grown to four, with the addition of two beautiful sons. His close relationship with his parents, sister and family keeps him focused and anchored in his community and faith. Mark serves as the Chairman of the Board of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce and actively works to help those in need in our community through his varied and numerous charitable commitments, one of which is to Farming 4 Hunger. He loves to travel, bowl, and fish off the dock in his backyard with his friends and family; his new favorite passion is riding his jet ski. As Mark says, “In Life I will attempt to be a good all around person, and when all is accomplished…I will attempt to be great!”
Barbara IvesBoard of Director
Barbara Ives was voted on to the Board in 2016. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table and has played a vital role in F4H’s relationship with the College of Southern Maryland where she is currently the Director of Strategic Partnerships. Barbara is also the CEO of GI Enterprises, an independent consultant providing innovative educational solutions for schools and the workplace.
Lacey PierceSecretary
Lacey is the Senior Vice President and Senior Lender for the Calvert County Branch of the Community Bank of the Chesapeake. She is currently the Secretary for our Board and is involved with partnerships, advising, and program insight. Lacey has been on the Board since 2016.


Rose FowlerOperations Administrative Specialist
Rose is the love and light of the farm as well. She handles all that happens behind the scenes and coordinates community events, volunteering, as well as making sure the day to day operations are running smooth. Her care and compassion is a true inspiration to not only the volunteers and staff but to the youth and justice-involved individuals at F4H as well. “Momma” Rose is always good for a hug and a word of encouragement.
Linda CanfieldGrant Writer/Coordinator
Linda has a passion and personal story directly related to F4H and has been pivotal in acquiring funding for the many different programs that we have to offer. She is always quick to help out where needed and always good for a hug and a smile. Linda works directly with Rose and is involved in many of the events and behind the scenes work that makes the farm tick.
Cody FowlerPrograms Director
Youth, Education and Outreach, 2nd Chances and Team Building Facilitation.
Rico NelsonYouth and 2nd Chance Mentor
Farm Technician


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